Angelina Rose


I love living in Sin city, it’s an opportunity for spicy escapades, spontaneity, and captivating experiences.

I am a vivacious and adventurous girl eagerly anticipating the excitement of meeting you and indulging in our very own unique encounter. I enjoy hiking, drawing and cooking in my free time.

I love the excitement on a man’s face as he tastes what I’ve created with love. With every step I take my aura of confidence and allure, draws you into my orbit with my magnetic charm, infectious enthusiasm and sexual desire for you.

I am excited to meet you and make lasting memories.

Angelina Rose💋


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  • 600/Hr
  • 800/1.5hrs
  • 1100/2hrs
  • 1600/3hrs
  • 2000/4hrs
  • 2400/5hrs
  • 2800/6hrs
  • 4000/12hrs

Same Day cancellations $300

Outcall preferred.

Incall +200 to reserve a room..

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Base city: Las Vegas

Age: 20

Height 5’4

Bra size: 32 DD (natural)

Shoe size: 7

Dress size: 2

Weight in lbs: 116

Eye color: brown

Tattoos: three

Personality: outgoing bubbly adventurous

Ethnicity: Mexican

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Fluent languages: English & Spanish


Food: steak

Drink: mango smoothie

Dessert: cheesecake

Perfume: Chanel

Music : r&b

Hobbies: cooking and drawing

Color: pink

Flower: tulips


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